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About Us

Neora Inventors, LLC is managed by a couple of guys, both named Jeff, who used to invent technologies for government military, space, energy, and environmental programs. Now they are using their science and engineering skills and advanced technologies to get products into the market place that fill the needs of the DIY, smart consumer, environmentally responsible, and backyard farmer community.  

Our values include humane treatment of animals, planet stewardship, and responsible farming and energy use.  We also believe in minimizing wasteful consumption and practicing conservation and re-use.


Origin of the Cozy Hen® Waterer

One of our daughters lives in the northern tier and keeps backyard chickens in a place that has very cold winters.  She said, “Flappy, Clucky, and Pecky need clean water from a waterer that doesn’t freeze every day.”  She complained that unheated water dishes and fonts froze, and it was a nuisance to have to thaw it.  Use of a heater usually required 60 to 150 W and was expensive, and cleaning the dish or font tray was a daily chore.   Her hens had to put up with dirty (fouled/fowled?) water most of the day.  Occasionally they would turn over the dish or get bedding into the font tray and an extra cleaning of the hen house in cold weather isn’t fun.

So, we looked at alternatives available in the market and found several products that would keep a waterer from freezing, but the ones with watering nipples all suffer from nipples freezing because the nipples don’t couple the heat energy in the reservoir or bucket of the waterer or font to the nipple valve at the ‘drinking’ end of the nipple. 

Our patented technology (U.S. Pat. 10,349,635) uses a heat pipe to conduct the warmth from the warm water in the bucket to the ‘drinking’ end of the nipple.  Using adequate insulation and designed to minimize heat loss, the Cozy Hen® can resist freezing from many hours even in temperatures well below freezing and in moderate wind exposed conditions.

Further, with a thermostat-controlled low wattage aquarium heater, the Cozy Hen® Waterer can provide water at about 70⁰F even when it’s -7⁰F outside with a 10 mph wind blowing.

The Cozy Hen® has been tested with backyard chicken farmers and its performance measured in all seasons.  It has successfully undergone performance and durability tests lasting nearly two years that have included sub-zero (F) winter cold, snow, and ice, and extremely hot (over 100⁰F) summer conditions.